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A Cherry Picking Picnic!

We often hear about people going strawberry picking or shopping for fresh veg at the local farmers market, but we’d like to suggest since you gallivanting in the Ceres area, that you give cherries a picking turn. With Cherry season literally less than a month away from opening up for harvest time (end November in South Africa), we’re excited to nudge our zipline adventure friends to give cherry picking some time in the travel agenda.

The beautiful cherry - a fleshy, red fruit, most often intensely sweet, is a stone fruit (meaning they have a hard seed/pip inside) related to almonds, plums, peaches, and apricots. As such they are classified as part of the rose family. Amazingly there are more than 1000 varieties of cherries in the world!

It is believed that the Romans discovered this fruit in Asia Minor and used them as part of a soldiers ration. The soldiers then discarded the pits which resulted in cherry trees lining all the old Roman roads across the empire. Cherries were first introduced to the Western Cape of South Africa however only in 1656 by Jan van Riebeeck, the first Governor of what was then a Dutch Settlement. The first small cherry orchard was established during 1890 in the Gydo Pass near Ceres and this is exactly where you will find the best available opportunity today for Cherry picking, namely on Klondyke Cherry Farm (www.cherryfarm.co.za).

Klondyke Cherry Farm is a working fruit farm in the Koue Bokkeveld on the outskirts of the Ceres valley. A beautiful farm which also offers self-catering cottages and a campsite should you also require accommodation. A 2-hour drive from Cape Town and open 7 days a week in season, from 8.30am – 4.00pm. You are welcome to spend the day there and picnic or braai in the shade of the pine trees which line the orchard. This would prove to be a nice additional, peace-filled outing to add to your ziplining thrill with your family and friends.

It is advisable to bring a warm top or jacket with you as the wind can be cold up there, even in summer. There is an entry fee (yet to be confirmed for this season) for day visitors of R30 per adult and R15 for kids under 10yr – children under 5 years are free! (Conveniently they do have credit card facilities). You are welcome to bring your own containers or use the ones provided by the farm to take home your spoils. How it works is you simply enjoy a walk up to the leafy orchard where you can pick-your-own cherries directly from the fruit-laden trees and when you return they weigh your containers with the fruit you have picked. At approximately R60 per kg, you can decide when enough is enough. Be advised though - cherries are known to have a very short fruiting season, so to maximize your family fun be sure to plan your cherry-picking picnic perfectly alongside your ziplining in the seasonal window of November to early January! Summer is definitely the perfect time to take full advantage of all kinds of outdoor thrills, with cherry picking sure to be a first for many.

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